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The application of carrier bags

by:Welm     2020-05-15
Carrier bags, it is an ancient handicraft industry. In printing process, usually as bidding for binding or paper mill paste, most a way of making knowledge, yet the carrier bags production process, probably is not met. Carrier bags roughly divided into: ordinary bags and easy shopping bags two kinds big. Ordinary packaging, so the rotary printing bag making machine, have been production completed. It has the advantage of production follow fast, the disadvantage is that the paper roughness is not big, to is most used in this kind of paper bag is usually common commodity packaging. Easy shopping bag, so after sheetfed offset color printing, after PP framed light or hot stamping, again by the bag factory to manual, semi-automatic mechanical production, with carry with artificial wear at the end of the rope knot, to complete the paper bags. Its advantages are: any paper bags are made of the situation, the disadvantage is that production rate is slow. Such senior shopping bag, most used in high commodity packaging, or as a gift bag, or as a variety of business activities of advertising bags, with such generous and gentle at the end of the paper bags, become with the convenience of a shopping bag.
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