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Talk about packaging printing proofing key

by:Welm     2020-05-16
To pull the box. This is the simple customers obtain accurate sample. On the surface, it must maintain a strong and big box of finished products. Because the box in the process of test sample can cause problems, such as the size of the box is appropriate, whether the hardness box can support the weight of the product and the transport rather well. As well as the layout whether accord with the requirement of customers. Typed box is still in the arrangement of structure, loose material and the customer can accept the printing cost and so on, decide the importance of packaging samples, rather than waiting for bulk cargo by sampling and then made a question. 1. Paper loose material used in the packaging must be the same as the mass production of materials, to determine the quality of the production of paper, thickness, and cost of origin quantity postpartum; 2. Packing box of the specifications of the sample must be same as the mass production of big-ticket items. Air tightness test the product must be tight and easy to load. 3. Glue in mass production must be very common, because some other packaging gift box is not commonly used. Packaging of frozen food, for example, consumers will be heated in the microwave oven before eating, after high temperature glue will melt. Second, also can test paper loose material and glue adhesive properties is quiet. 4. A new sorting packaging gift box usually there will be many unexpected faults and customer required function. In the Hong Kong star packing co. , LTD. , must be a new packaging printing. Even if your customers don't need to beg for almost accurate scale sample, and you automatically provides the service, the process is still reflect the customer had a great influence on you. This is your trading settlement points and skills. Hong Kong star of packaging and printing factory will not be rough, defective sample to the customer. Size, for example, if not closed, then close the lid lock first, and then transform, and then again he pleaded with the customer said: & other; I can't close it, because it is manual, some defect is difficult to stop. In the future, consume a large amount of flood not cause such a problem. ” Big customer won't receive order for you to print and consumption, my heart think: & other; You can't even do a box, you how can I trust you? ” From the above prove that, we understand the importance of packing packaging gift box, shortcut, so although our economy but boxes and batch production of exactly the same box.
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