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Spot bag and custom bag how to choose?

by:Welm     2020-06-16
How to open a business merchants need to choose for your product packaging, this time will appear this kind of phenomenon, merchants are the custom packaging paper bags or buy existing spot paper bag? Hong Kong star packaging and everyone to look at the spot the paper first advantage: as a spot paper bag, one of the most intuitive advantage is relatively than some custom paper bag favorable price, is the preferred for small customers, because they open a shop there is no brand and the idea of publicity, but merely to use the laptop bag as the outer packing paper bag. And spot paper bag is generally is the chariot pre-existing good, place an order immediately after shipment, some merchants packaging paper bag will be urgent, this time with the spot paper bags couldn't be better. Next to play us the custom paper bags advantages: custom paper one of the most obvious advantage is can according to the business idea to design the paper pattern and text, the merchants to present the content of the printing on the carrier bags. In this way can promote role, and is suitable for their own brand is the business need to use. And won't appear the same compared with that of spot paper bag, let the customer have new feeling, to achieve the effect of the powder at a time. Here we want to say is come in different spot paper bag and custom paper bag, basically be to see as a merchant's what you think. If you is propaganda for the definition of a paper bag, we suggest you to customize the packing bag, if you are in the definition of the paper is only the outer packing bag, then select the spot paper bag is enough.
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