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spice o’life are adding spice to season of joy

by:Welm     2020-03-03
Christmas is traditionally the time of the year to add spices to enhance the taste of the food and stimulate the taste buds of the consumer Festival.
This is a particularly busy time for spice life, a research and new product development food company based in Dunmanway, Cork, which employs 40 people.
Every Christmas, it produces more and more seasonal products, including fresh cranberry sauce, Irish whiskey, Apple ham glaze and turkey gravy.
However, the work of researching, developing and producing food and ingredient mixtures for industrial food processing, craft butchers, catering and retail sectors is a year-round process. googletag. {});
Established in 2000, Spice o\'life, a company with a 100% stake in Ireland, now has a wide range of things from dry Spice mixes, liquid products and syrup to soups, sauces, marinades and seasonings
This enables it to deliver the right products to customers in the right form at the right time and place to meet the rapidly changing needs of today\'s consumers.
The company produces its own brands and its own brands in the retail and butcher markets in Ireland and Northern Ireland.
The company is a member of Origin Green, a national food sustainability program operated by Bord Bia, and also provides a range of fresh and environmental sauces for the retail market.
Tom Kearney, founder of the company, walked past the East before returning home to set up the company with business partner Dennis O\'Driscollgoogletag. {});
Although Secco may not have thought of it when considering spices, Dunmanway base of the successful duo is today one of Ireland\'s most successful independent custom mixed spice houses. Kearney —
Who brings an in-depth background in food science and technology from UCC
From an early age, there was the ambition to be a scientist.
After completing his UCC degree, he worked at Kerry Group for a few years before moving to Boston.
It was here that he honed his skills in mixing spices with a company, but was acquired by a large multinational company and he was laid off.
He took the opportunity to trace his historic spice route through much of the Southeast Asia.
After the trip, he returned to Ireland with the idea of starting his own spice company.
He returned to the United States when he was refused funding.
Over the next two years, he built wooden houses in San Francisco for Secco construction, owned by two school friends, Pat Coakley and Paul O\'Driscoll, and also
In 1999, he returned home and set up a licensed laboratory where the story of spice life began to grow with the help of the secco Enterprise Council.
In less than three years, Kearney is developing spice blends for major catering customers and has purchased and equipped a venue that can produce powder and liquid blends. googletag. {});
\"Our favorite job is to develop products and flavors.
\"We are also very proud that we were able to develop a small business that was originally in sikoke into a business that now employs 40 people,\" he said . \".
Corny said that they have been considering entering the UK market, but they have put the plan on hold until they see the currency situation after Britain\'s exit from the EU.
\"At the moment, we are focused on developing our business at home and we are seeing a lot of growth opportunities here.
\"In order to continue to grow in Ireland, we must continue to develop and produce high-quality products for all our customers.
The Irish food brand is the key to our time. to-
All of our products have their logo on them.
\"The message from the Irish food brand is that consumers are buying quality Irish foodmade product.
This is a vital message in a highly competitive market.
\"It is through this message that employment opportunities remain at home, and the local economy and communities remain dynamic,\" he said . \".
Dennis audrikol, who has more than 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and food industries, said the company has a fully approved New Product Development Laboratory, consisting of nutritionists and food scientists from sikoke, meet all their needs.
\"We also have the ability to produce our own brand products for our customers in various forms.
Spice o\'life products are manufactured by experienced, trained professionals who operate in strict BRC quality standards.
Every time in the past five years, we have got a, \"he said.
\"We provide the customer with partial control packaging to ensure that each package is of consistent size, uniform taste and product quality. googletag. {});
\"Spice life has a variety of manufacturing capabilities, from dry seasoning mixes to liquid sauces, marinades and seasonings, to ready-made --to-
\"Use prepared consumer food,\" he said . \".
One of the company\'s strengths is that it is able to quickly shift projects from development to production in the new lab, Mr. ordriscor said.
\"This guarantees that our customers have a clear competitive advantage over their competitors, because they first launch new products in the market.
Our goal is to always exceed the customer\'s expectations in developing and manufacturing prepared consumer food ingredients, ingredient mixes and finished products, \"he said.
The company says it is also continuously developing and improving energy recovery systems in its production and storage facilities and purchasing ingredients and packaging from sustainable sources as much as possible. www. spiceolife.
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