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Small gift box, small size also can make the effect of the high-end

by:Welm     2020-06-25
No matter what product, all need packing packaging gift box. Because packing packaging gift box can plus for the image of the product, including gift is pay more attention to the packing, not to mention the little gift box. Small in size but can't give consumers the feeling of cheap, because that would let consumers don't buy the product. Hong Kong star, for the customer's small gift box also can make the effect of the high-end. Hong Kong star, in the field of printing and packaging in more than a decade, has rich experience, can produce whatever the process, and there is no exception. And the process planning departments, specifically for the customer to design the file and customer requirements for planning process. Even the customer design documents more ordinary also can carry on the value of a good feeling. Green trade co. , LTD. Has a few small gift box, because often do big gift box, how to want to let small gift box also go that route, Hong Kong star after seeing the design files they say with the customer, if taking big gift packaging gift box line, will not be suitable for small gift packaging. Need to process planning, on the basis of the original with laser technology and color reduction. And proofing to customers according to the plan. After customer see very jing is colourful, feel small package has a great temperament. Then decide on the spot clappers production according to the plan. Do small gift box. Contact Hong Kong stars. Small size also can make the effect of the high-end.
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