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simple custom booklets using eyelet setters

by:Welm     2020-05-06
Custom brochures can be made in many ways.
You can print and bind your work using the brochure printing service, or you can make it yourself using some simple tools.
In this article, we will share with you the steps of how to print the brochure in a cheaper way using the eyelet setup and eyelet.
If you don\'t know that the eyelet is a simple tool for punching holes on paper (
Like a punching machine)
It can then allow you to reinforce these holes with small metal or plastic.
These eyelets allow you to browse different pages in the brochure faster and faster.
Here are the simple steps you can use the eyelet setter and eyelet for your custom brochure. 1.
Choose your paper.
First, pick the paper you will use for your custom brochure.
For some, they are very creative in this step, using different kinds of colored paper, or special high quality oil paper for professional results.
Just try the right paper that can be printed well with the printer.
Something that does not cause ink to stain or not precipitate. 2.
Print out what you need.
Once you pick out all the paper, start printing the contents of the brochure you need.
Be sure to take into account the holes you will put in the later pages in this step.
A good way to do this is to add half an inch to the margin of the page.
If you print in a back-to-back page, try setting your word processing software to print in a brochure or duplex so it can consider the left and right pages of the brochure. 3.
Punch holes in paper holes.
Once you have all the pages you need, start punching holes in the brochure page.
The eyelet setter itself has a tool that lets you punch holes on multiple pages of paper.
Try to keep these holes at the same distance and keep a certain distance from the edge of the page itself.
It\'s better to punch all the pages of your brochure at once so you don\'t have any problems with the alignment of all the pages.
Try to make at least three or four holes, but some people use more just because they like it. 4.
Join your eyelets.
Next, you can now add in your eyelets.
There are two parts of the hole eye, before using the hole eye setter, you will place the hole eye on the top and bottom of the hole.
You can then use the eyelet setter to secure the eyelet inside the hole.
These actually effective behaviors are like binding techniques that have fixed different pages of the brochure together.
In some cases, after this step, you should have completed the work of making the brochure. 5.
Turn pages together.
Finally, as an optional step, you can also step on the page together.
This adds artistic elements to your brochure.
Especially if you really want to customize the look of the brochure, you can enhance the look of the brochure with some kind of special hemp thread, yarn or rope.
Of course, this can also be an additional binding tool that can completely fix the color brochure pages together.
Please note that all of these steps can be a daunting task.
You may need more people to help you if you plan to print a brochure on a large scale, or, you may need a professional brochure printing service to help you print and bind a custom brochure.
Otherwise, for small-scale brochure printing, this is a cheap and creative way to make a custom brochure.
This is handmade and is a very special print piece for your special project or event.
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