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Shirt of carton box factory made history

by:Welm     2020-03-19
In many years before a wholesale shirt merchants with surprising design cause concern about the shirt box manufacturers, has attracted attention because he let packaging manufacturer do the carton design, so many years of many designers, match with carton was the first time to see the operation of the transparent plastic, make products better exhibition space command attention, although on film process is not a lot, but it was really surprised many shirt box manufacturer for. Before the gifts are wrapped very elegant, and these beautiful packaging are generally shipped when buying goods, merchants will be pay attention to the packaging of their products, began in the level of appearance. Shirt industry is no exception, to reflect their own straight good card to you by the collar, you need to have a plenty of space, let them keep the straight, can leave consumers better impression, but they are not satisfied to shirt to provide a good good-looking and protection of the packing packaging gift box, but needed a more show the competitiveness of their products packaging, shirt boxes factory is required at the time of the carton packaging production, days covered with transparent colloid material, make it straight products more strainght, products more directly. But not for long, shirt box manufacturers also gradually found that the new I packaging defects, is the technology applicability is very poor, a lot of use on the glue process, for traditional custom packaging equipment is unable to complete, this let shirt box manufacturers have to find other supplier, to complete the operation, the lid but this problem comes, not what they produce is certainly not the most preferential price, so can give to the merchant's feedback is not the most satisfying, so make a lot of shirt box factory to search for a way out before again. So now you see a lot of glue to clear day cover shirt box can't have too much technology, even the hot stamping, this ability to focus projection technology is difficult to finish product logo, gradually becomes more and more low, this product so shirt box manufacturer back way out is to do more high-grade packaging, to rediscover their own positioning, cannot let the industry fall down slowly becomes low. Fortunately, merchants are aware that there are a lot of shirt to shirt packaging gift box manufacturer do packing in this way have been some gas, and it has been overrun, so in order to stand out, you need to do different, high-end route again to heat up, it's like a tide metempsychosis, universal charger is like ten years ago, it was popular in the whole society, brilliant. But the basic market now can't see them, the society is such, no innovation, keep pace with the trend of The Times is bound to be eliminated.
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