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Production of gift box printing proofing and digital proofing how to choose?

by:Welm     2020-07-04
Now gift boxes because to the pursuit of high-grade beautiful, a lot of gift choice for color printing. Because it involves the color printing problems, in order to more accurate color, before making a big goods we need to proofing. No sample proofing, proofing digital proofing and printing proofing, digital proofing, Simple, small specification page) , color is close to big goods by more than eighty percent, not much different from other; Printing machine proofing cost is high, the color with big goods color close to ninety percent above, other basic with no much difference in big goods. The choice of high requirements for color printing machine proofing; Color difference is acceptable, mainly is to look at the effect, choose a digital proofing. Without samples and don't need to proofing, we print according to the design draft of the CMYK color value, material according to the standard production process. Apart from the above printing color, material, surface laminating, glazing, oiling, calender, hot stamping, hit convex proofing process with large cargo is essentially the same.
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