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Printing brochures, manufacturers need to be quality inspection?

by:Welm     2020-07-14
The picture album design printing is a technical work, is also a fine job. If the problems in the design, printing will go wrong, resulting in a huge loss. So general printing will have before printing manufacturers, that is to say, the customer to check whether the file can be printed, prepress file check is necessary. Less. It is important that there is a analysis of the importance of prepress check file next album. Print detailed information is needed. Prepress official documents and correspondence audit can avoid unnecessary losses, is the most main retain the identity of the printing. Everyday have clients need print photo album. Documents after the funeral, we will review the documentation is bleeding, whether black character is monochrome, on the edge of the text is approached, watercolor block, and takes the widening work done, whether large and small to print with customers large and small are not suitable, content translation or shrunk. Pictorial printing digital and other detailed reflection has been done then themselves. When making preloading, found that most customers sending files is not standard. After checking the files on the computer, the black manuscript be printed for your check. Because some details on the computer screen is not easy to see, so print out for inspection need time. Statistics show that before printing brochures, up to 30% of the error is not check. Black and white printing black manuscript is suitable for the character more photo album sample review; Purple to black manuscript is suitable for printing text, is enough to reflect the color function. Help customers inspection document is essential for every note printer, but in some cases greatly, introspection of the document is suitable for large and small auction. But wonder if the customer official documents and correspondence wrong is wrong, the last print is the whole batch of material, but the power and responsibility should be borne by the customer tuning.
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