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plastic bag ban to protect environment - some retailers ...

by:Welm     2020-04-29
Some of the country\'s biggest retailers waited until the last minute to move from plastic bags to plastic bags.
Starting tomorrow, under the new government rules, it is illegal for retailers to sell or give away goods to customers
Use plastic shopping bags with handles.
On Tuesday afternoon, during a fairly quiet shopping period, the Herald conducted a survey of more than 200 retail outlets in Central Queen Street on Sunday, counting that there appeared to be five new singles --
Use plastic shopping bags to carry goods in four stores.
Later, a photographer took three more photos.
Farmers Leeming, Farmers, Daiso Japan, delicious troop-building takeout, Jay Jays, Mirrou and Hannahs all say they will have a compliant package from Monday onwards.
The survey counted 25 paper, woven and other types of bags that will be allowed to leave the store after Monday.
Many people put some smaller things in their bags or jacket pockets.
Retailers have been preparing for the ban, which takes 6-month phase-
Suspension period under waste minimum (
Plastic shopping bags)
Regulation 2018.
Ban on environmental protection
Use plastic shopping bags with handles up to 70 microns in thickness, including shopping bags made of biodegradable or compostable plastic.
Among the bag merchants walking around the main streets of Auckland center, the number of goods used to be called supermarket bags greatly exceeded the woven shopping bags --
A seemingly stiff bagwalled store-
Brand bags, backpacks and shoulder bags.
A shopper coming out of a fashion store is happy with the overkill
Including the brand bag he bought.
\"I think it\'s recycled, so I\'m happy.
I don\'t like plastic bags . \"
For the upcoming ban, he said: \"It\'s cool.
New Zealand retail chief executive Greg Harford told the Herald on Sunday: \"Most large retailers are or are about to prepare for the ban . \"
Read more: Organize: By the end of the year, retailers who use plastic bags at once accept reduced use of plastic bags, \"There are several areas where this message may not be communicated effectively.
First, the ban applies to all retail businesses.
Cafe, take-out, anyone who sells anything to a customer;
Not just grocery stores.
\"The ban also includes biodegradable and compost bags.
They look friendly to the environment, but they cause problems in the environment.
\"In the past few years, the customer\'s demand for bags has changed a lot.
They take their bags more and more, or are happy to leave the store without them.
\"Countdown to supermarket chains-
Plastic handbags were used in last October.
It is said that most customers now bring their own bags.
It costs $1.
The bags and paper bags available are 20c.
It used to be more
The use of plastic bags \"is excluded from the new legislation \".
The Supreme Court, which deliberately violated the ban, fined $100,000.
The Ministry of Environment says it will file a lawsuit if necessary, but intends to adopt an educational approach.
People can report
Retailers who meet the requirements of the department are online and the department will conduct a random audit of the shopping area.
• Banning single people
The use of plastic shopping bags came into effect on Monday.
The environment ministry says it is mainly suitable for shopping bags and handles made of plastic with a thickness of up to 70 microns.
Including light plastic bags commonly used in supermarkets, convenience stores, takeout food and other retail stores, as well as heavier boutiques
Some supermarkets offer stylish shopping bags and \"emergency\" bags.
The ban also covers bags made of biodegradable and compostable plastics.
Retailers will not be able to give away or sell bags to customers.
It is still allowed to sell/supply bags without handles, used as a bin liner for pet garbage and barrier bags used when buying meat, fruits and vegetables.
The maximum penalty for convictions for deliberate contempt of the ban is $100,000, but the ministry expects to take the main educational approach.
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