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Pictorial printing quality is related with the chromaticity?

by:Welm     2020-07-11
Good color brochure design, not only can build atmosphere, highlight the theme and strengthen the visual impact of layout, directly to attract consumers' attention and emotional resonance, can also highlight deep theme and image of the personality characteristics, enhance the perception, impress consumers, at the same time of passing information to consumers bring beautiful enjoyment. What is the relationship between color and the quality of the picture book printing? When designing a brochure, use symbolic color and color, color, lenovo and symbol color such as rules and regulations can enhance the communication effect of the product. Color design should begin from the whole of album, pay attention to the unity of the color relations between integral colour element, in order to form can fully embodies the primary color of the topic content. Designer colors accurately, of the subject matter can help readers to form the overall impression, a better understanding of the theme. In the process of using color, we should pay attention to the typical common expression, to express his personality. If use the same color, you will lose the vivid visual effect. This requires that in the design process to break the tradition or the traditional colour limit, based on the content of performance or product characteristics, have the courage to explore and design new and unique style of color. When choosing binding method, label printer will usually consider the picture album pages, the number of printing, books, paper, whether there is the size of the special process, and so on. After binding, folding pages like horse saddle, walking on the binding machine of chain. After binding, put nail on a horse. Therefore, open the book, look at the middle of the part, you will find that the whole book is in the middle of the nail, the first page and the last page of the book is symmetric connection, in the middle of the two pages is symmetrical and connected. Due to certain binding center of symmetry, puzzles and common photolithography line, glue, or the hardcover binding. Therefore, when design books, the book should be flat. If you want to change of binding after plate making, spelling is completely different. Change is equal to redo. Wireless binding refers to use glue to fix the pages of print on the spine of the binding method. It does not use wires, do not use the wire, but with glue and the core of the book, from books to automatic binding method. Lock line folding. It is a method of binding to the page and line together, and then use glue to print the page on the spine. Lock line has the advantage of book core and core is fixed at the same time. When you open a book, from books to automatic binding method, the content of the book can be fully displayed.
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