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Pictorial printing how much is it? Pictorial cheaper printing costs?

by:Welm     2020-07-12
Now to find a picture album printing factory, do brush don't know how much money, I don't know have how much is the cheapest? Answer: pictorial printing can be used in a regular A4 size, printing paper, consider 105 grams, 150 grams, 200 grams, 250 grams of coated paper, printing, printing 1 photos, a picture album together single use printing price 140 yuan, 150 yuan respectively, 330 yuan, 370 yuan, the offer for the puzzle printing, excluding freight costs, no tax. Sometimes because of paper cut or upgrade, the price will be slightly floating, if you need printed page, please contact customer service online real-time quotes. Pictorial cheaper printing costs? Picture as one of the most direct means of advertising materials, used by all walks of life a lot, printing brochures also becomes one of the important business of printing. If printing experience will be found in the cost of the printing pictorial single didn't add the printing shop offer are the same, sometimes what differs a lot, this is why, in the printing picture album list where will be cheaper? Pictorial printing price is according to the number of printing, paper, material, printing process and any other charges ( Design, transportation, etc. ) To decide. We will find that each printing number is different, sometimes the unit price can vary widely, such as our company 157 grams of dumb powder color picture album single 16 k ( A4) Single x285mm 210, 1000 more expensive than 5000 prices only 20 yuan, specific please click 157 grams of dumb powder color picture album single quotes. This is because the printing is a start-up costs, including the plate making fee, debugging, the fixed costs such as cost, so the number of small, even double, the price is not much difference. For the material of the paper is very easy to understand, if the customer choose different paper, price is not the same, of course, sometimes even chose the same paper, but different printing with different brand of paper, the price is different also, of course quality is also different. Pictorial printing if say where is cheaper, we still recommend the Hong Kong star paper printing, after all we have is this big printing factory 10 years history, every day is a large amount of printing, large quantities of printing cost is much lower, this part of profit also feedback to customers, so all the conditions are the same case, our prices relative to others the printing shop will be cheaper.
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