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Pictorial printing factories which three kinds of commonly used equipment

by:Welm     2020-07-13
With the development of science and technology, have also been driven. A growing number of picture books printing equipment, including high technical quality and the low quality of picture books printing equipment. But now the general picture books printing, use the following three types of equipment. The main reason is of good quality, ensure good. The first is the rotary press. As the name suggests, the design of the device are cylindrical in plate and stamping. In use, it is based on the rolling principle of the cylinder itself. By rolling print brochures, print speed is very fast, rolling a week later to complete a print. It save time and effort, it is one of the most effective printing equipment. The second is flat pictorial press. This printing equipment is used in the print. Due to its structural design co. , LTD. , operating more troublesome, not suitable for large-scale picture album printing. But for less workload of painting, this is also a good choice. The quality of printed matter and round draw like printing machine. The third is round draw this printer. This kind of printing equipment is a combination of flat and round pressure. Its plate is flat, but hot stamping method with drum circle printing machine drawing, but low efficiency, fast printing speed and round printing. Different printing equipment in time, the efficiency and cost has the very big difference, but the quality of the printed brochures did not. Picture books printing can choose according to their own actual situation at the same time, but must not choose 3 without the product, this is to ensure a profit in return.
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