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Paper environmental protection bag slowly out of plastic bags

by:Welm     2020-05-11
Plastic bags: not easy degradation, buried in the ground for a long time not rot, bring burden to the earth's environment. Paper environmental protection bag slowly out of plastic bags, environmental protection consciousness is improved rapidly. People are becoming more and more pay attention to the protection of the environment. Environmental protection bags: non-woven paper compared advantage and ordinary cloth, short manufacturing process and basic does not produce waste water, waste gas and waste; In use process because of folding, easy to carry, also can be repeated clean, use; Because polypropylene thermal decomposition or combustion produces carbon dioxide and water, won't produce harm to human body, so at the time of recycling and environmental protection. Compared with plastic bags, non-woven bag, the price is high, but it has a tensile and tearing resistance, bursting resistance, high strength, large elongation coefficient, high mechanical strength, and has good air permeability, belong to the dope dyed, do not fade, etc advantages. On the thickness, non-woven fabric is several times of plastic bags; In the manufacturing process, is blow molding technology on plastic bags, non-woven is the coating process. All of these make non-woven bag than strong many plastic bags. At the same time, non-woven fabric of polyester composition makes it easy to clean, more conducive to reuse. Paper: paper is a kind of resources can be recycled. Paper mainly plant fiber raw materials, raw materials in addition to containing cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin in the three major components, there are other content less components, such as resin, ash, etc. In addition to sodium sulfate and other auxiliary components. Plant fiber paper, in addition, also need to according to the different paper material adding different packing. Often use the plastic bag is made from polyethylene material is used in the oil, the oil is already a shortage of our energy. Paper bag, in contrast, the production of raw materials is a tree, is a renewable resource. Itself has the characteristics of the biodegradable, recyclable nature with a green label. Plastic bags: not easy degradation, buried in the ground for a long time not rot, a burden for the earth mother.
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