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Paper bag printing need to pay attention to?

by:Welm     2020-05-25
With the maturing of the low carbon lifestyle, more and more stores to choose environmental protection bags. In order to give customers a better impression. In addition to the high quality service and products, environmental protection bag actually beautiful sex also nots allow to ignore, and secondary use of the chance of bigger, therefore sought after by many people. Then, the paper printing need to pay attention to? A, the pigment particle size and its dispersion degree for paper bag printing gloss, capillary depends on the ink film. However, pigment particles under decentralized state apparent size is more important, it directly decides the state of the ink film capillary. Consequently, the pigment particles small, dispersion is good, very favorable for paper printing. Second, connect the material viscosity and the content of pigment ink pigment particles is formed between the capillary network structure is an important aspect to decide the paper bag printing gloss. In stamping, printing ink were overall pressure into the paper larger pores; After stamping, connection is expected to start from the ink separation, seeping into the paper of the smaller pores. As a result, the size of the ink film capillary determines the separation of connection material quantity. Capillary keep connection role than printing pressure connection material into the paper the effect of pore pressure is much larger. Third, drying time on paper and ink membrane drying can decrease rapidly connection material into paper pore volume, thus improve the ink film gloss and smoothness. Specular reflection on the surface of the ink film gloss height make degree is higher, in most cases such human eyes can see the surface reflection of the white light than low gloss ink film, make the color saturation is higher. High gloss paper bag printing color looks more bright and full. The back four, prevent smearing tend to have a full version of printing paper bags field, easy to cause the back rubbed against dirty. Adopt the method of powder to solve. But should pay attention to, spray powder affects the surface gloss of printed matter, and pollute the environment, the offset printing paper and other parts wear, sticky dirty. It is important to note correct arrangements for printing color sequence. In order to avoid the imprinting not collide with each other when paper produced by smearing on the back, should first printing version of the text, lines, and printing field. After five, craft paper bag printing processing after processing, beautiful sex and quality would be much stronger. Printing process after a total of 12. Concave-convex embossing, die cutting indentation, bronzing, local UV craft, freezing snowflakes, reverse grinding, anaglyph hot stamping, printing, laser transfer paper, polishing wax, hot stamping and labeling. Is paper bag printing need to pay attention to above problems, of course, there are many details need to be continually attention, to draw a beautiful and practical bag.
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