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Paper bag printing factory tell you some knowledge of paper bags

by:Welm     2020-05-26
Starting from the limit approval of plastic bags, paper bag and continue to be created, paper bags or environmental protection, cost is low. The paper made industry development. Bag printing commonly used paper introduced: 1. The paper more for paper bag printed 210 grams of white card, 230 grams of coated paper, in addition, 120 grams of white leather, 140 grams of yellow kraft paper is more common. If the bag need to load heavy goods, bearing strength to withstand the test. Then choose 300 grams of coated paper or more than 300 grams of white card paper. If the paper is upset, still cannot satisfy the bearing force, then can consider to choose coated with hot melt glue since the bottom. Complex on a layer of bright film or inferior smooth film, also can the aesthetic feeling of a paper bag. 2. Coated paper color expressive force is strong, the design of the handbag design style can also be unique. And as for the printing process, all of the modern printing process can be displayed on a small bag, very incredible. 3. White kraft paper, strong toughness, environmental protection, are increasingly used in bag printing production. Coated paper bag forming process after printing, after punching lacing ( General use low stretch yarn or three strands of rope, some thin paper bag also often choose twine) Good, wear the rope is a molding bag. ( Such as bag printing size is larger, the need to reinforce the rivet in rope hole to applied) 。 Bag production process is not complicated, just wear rope this step need artificial to complete, so relative to other printed matter, a little bit complicated process steps, it also makes the bag cost increase. Labor costs will be occupied the most part of paper bag cost. Hong Kong star packaging design bag, paper bag design main focus may be on how to make the bag design chic, beautifully printed, can impress people, and now, can be used multiple times, and has the characteristics such as environmental performance in the designer's focus on the problem.
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