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Paper bag manufacturers of printing way of their respective advantages?

by:Welm     2020-05-24
Believe many dear friends once or are in trouble for using what kind of printing way, Hong Kong star paper bag manufacturer today we made for you dear friends introduce the bag printing different ways their advantages in where? One of the following aspects: 1, letterpress printing letterpress printing is to use a way of direct printing of letterpress printing. Because letterpress plate on the graphic part is significantly higher than the empty part, can be attached to thicker ink, through the larger pressure ( Except for flexographic printing) Press ink into the pores of paper, so the embossed product has outline clear and forceful brushwork, ink bright characteristics. Used letterpress printing have types of lead alloy, copper zinc plate, photosensitive resin, rubber plates, flexible version, etc. Use of printing machines have flat flat circular, round pressure flat, round pressure. 2, intaglio printing gravure printing is to use gravure printing a direct printing method. Gravure of blank parts above graphic parts and in the same plane, printing, first make the print surface covered with ink. 3 bore, printing printing is applied with hole version to print a direct way of printing, orifice plate on the graphic part consists of oil hole or mesh, the graphic part consists of resistance ink mask. 4, lithographic offset lithography is applied with planographic printing an indirect way. Lithographic plate using a protein), flat gravure, PS version, tables, etc. Lithography using printing machine in addition to making prototype for round flatten, is all round pressure circular rotary press.
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