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Packaging printing which contains working procedure and process

by:Welm     2020-07-02
Packaging printing refers to the decorative pattern, design, or text printed on the package, make the product more attractive or descriptive. Packaging printing production process is very strict, here we will talk about packaging printing production process. Packaging printing process: 1, plate-making, pay attention to beautiful gift box, so the color of the plate is also varied, usually a gift boxes there are four basic color not only, still have a few kinds of color, such as gold, silver, these are all the color. 2, choose paper, general gift wrapping paper adopts double copper and dumb copper paper, weight 128 grams, 105 grams, 157 grams, respectively, there are few gift wrapping paper to exceed 200 grams, because the gift box of blister easily wrapping paper is too thick, and appearance is hale and hearty. Pasting paper is according to the customer need to choose the right pair of grey paper, commonly known as grey cardboard paper or gray cardboard. 3, gift boxes only printed on the wrapping paper, pasting paper can't print, most can only be dyed. Because outer-package of gift packaging gift box is printing process is very high. Is the most taboo color, ink spot, edition, all affected the aesthetic defects. 4, surface treatment, gift wrapping paper, generally to do surface treatment, common is super glue, super glue, super ultraviolet (uv) light, ultra light oil, super mute oil. 5, bei is an important part in the process of printing. If the beer is accurate, knife mold must be accurate. If inaccurate beer, beer can appear deviation, and continue to affect the subsequent processing. 6, mounts, usually framed print first, then mounts of beer, but gift box is framed beer, first one is afraid of do flowers and wrapping paper, 2 it is to pay attention to integral beautiful gift box, gift box frame the paper must be made by hand, to achieve a certain artistic effect. Minmei printing website to provide more advertising prices. 7, the last thing is when punch punch, then wipe the surface in the absence of punching glue, and then sent to the packaging. Want to know more about the system of packaging printing.
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