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Packaging printing plant which problems need to pay attention to the double?

by:Welm     2020-07-17
The outer packing is can be seen everywhere in life, beautiful outer packing can always attract the purchase. As packaging printing plant to attention to the problem of the ghost? Should pay attention to when the outer packing printing printing ghosting problem, it is often to see the problem when printed. Part this is due to the double imprinting and approximate parallel axis condition of roller, and then cause ghosting phenomenon. The regulation of the bearings and precision machine can lead to poor printing roller axial displacement condition, when the printing effect will be greatly reduced. The choice of the paper is more important, the status of the paper if appear ruffled can make the roller can't and paper pressure in place, cracks occur, this will make the packaging and printing in circumferential ghosting. Packaging and printing graphic design not only needs to fit product characteristics, the late printing coating is also of great articles. When choosing ink, concentration of ink used in printing ink quantity is less, constitute the inky effect is good. And the concentration of small ink would need to spend a lot of use, ink is given priority to with delicate elegance. Ink particles of high fineness of the clear printing, plump, plate printing resistance rate are greatly enhanced. Ink viscosity is relatively important findings. If ink viscosity big, in the printing ink transfer will lead to uneven, dot flowers and flower version, the status of the dirty version; Starts to make ink emulsification viscosity, the phenomenon such as layout of dirty float.
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