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Packaging printing factories small batch is how to do?

by:Welm     2020-07-23
In printing, the small batch bulk requirements of low cost, short delivery time, and product quality often brightly colored, and most layer consists of a network. The following packaging printing plant to provide you with the following advantages. In the prepress process, compared with the flexible version of the composite plate making process, the PS version of production, film production, and is familiar to the printing plate process. From a technical point of view, after stamping out, all the printing shop to offset printing, so there is no extra burden. Packaging printing plant practice has proved, offset printing costs can be reduced to points. If the material is processed, the profit even if is to use & other Li” Or & other Ma” Calculation of, also can have profit. With Japan and other countries the non-drying label is different, our country the non-drying label is mostly by the level of rich graphics and graphics of movable parts, especially the small batch, often need to bright colors. With advantages in offset printing in the site, and the printing is no less. If early plate-making technology is complex, process cycle is long, will inevitably affect the activation cycle. Offset printing plate making cycle is short, be applicable to the design complexity, timeliness strong short version live label printing. Above is packaging printing plant on small batch printing practice, the hope can give you more understanding.
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