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Packaging plant is how to make fruit packaging?

by:Welm     2020-03-27
Fruit is FMCG, and people cannot leave a source of nutrition, fruit on the market are mostly sold in bulk, but for two kinds of reason is the need to use fruit packing box, one is the transportation, prevent the loss of fruit and cause unnecessary losses. The other is a gift, pay attention to is the beauty is generous. The first is for large businesses, they are usually customized with fruit carton packing box, packing packaging gift box to enough at this moment, bearing capacity is strong, moistureproof and anticorrosive function can't be too bad. The second is some small fruit merchants, supply customers gifts. At this moment need is not only a box, you also need to reflect product value through packaging, taste. So as a professional carton factory is how to make fruit packing box to make the customer satisfied. 1, fruit the size of the box to grasp the accurate fruit is a kind of food, in the process of transportation, lift, mobile is easy to be damaged. So in the packaging manufacturer to provide the size must be accurate, to prevent the edge of the gap is too big fruit instability around collided. At this time there is a the biggest problem is that a lot of fruit size, fruit is not the same as the packing box can't do it for each size. So, in this kind of situation will generally add a embedding each fruit, avoid collisions among fruit such as fruit easily damaged, so greatly reduce the wastage of the fruit, so you need a dedicated protective packaging. 2, fruit packaging design which is specifically for fruit gift box. Nowadays the society is the face of time, began in the appearance, so the fruit gift box need to delicate and pretty, the client can like them, so as to increase sales. Below this kind of fruit gift box is for businessmen tailored by dongguan packaging plant Hong Kong star packaging fruit gift box, combined with the characteristics of the surface design, value, use the color of beautiful beautiful, outlined the value of products, let the consumer see the packing just think of the benefits of passion fruit, at the same time, the thick carton, clear pattern design, comfortable rope, let the customer feel very have a face with a gift. Packing create value for customers is the mission of Hong Kong star packaging. If you need us to serve you, welcome to consult our customer service, we will treat each packing box, customer trust, Hong Kong star. Above is the knowledge of the Hong Kong star to share the fruits of packing box, like the young man remember attention collection!
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