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Packaging color printing color accuracy what are the four aspects

by:Welm     2020-07-21
Frequently, standard color ink factory toning, mistake, this is a tough question to completely avoid, can only minimize the color difference. This is what reason, how to control, how to improve the color matching precision of the printing ink factory? Most of the printing ink factory use small printing press imported from Britain. ” The network of the machine is flat. Printing is printed by moving with a round embossing roll film. ” Printing machine adopts circular embossed printing, silk screen on the rotating drum. These two kinds of fabric is the online number and Angle has the very big difference, this makes the same in the two methods of printing ink has the very big difference. ” Sometimes, it is not only a question of brunet with light color, and the influence of color and brightness. ” Some small plants to scrape ink machine to match the sample, the situation could become worse. ” Plate making factory prototype is much better than import small printing press, but the price is similar. This prototype can be made into the printing shop with a piece of plate, can according to need to design different levels, different color printing design, make the printing mode and brush factory basic same, this is an important factor affect the printing color. Plate and the printing is the same. Different printing components have different depth. ” For the deep understanding of the printing ink factory plate or estimates that will also affect the accuracy of the color. Obviously, if the ink factory use 45 & mu; M deep plate for color matching, and the plate of the customer is less than 45 & mu; M, the printing color becomes shallow, otherwise will get dark color. Some people think that the ink is to provide standard ink contrast adjustment according to the user. ” You don't have to consider the depth of the version. ” In fact, this is the theoretical point of view, rather than in practice. In theory, like two peas ( Two glasses of ink is divided into two parts) , the depth is the color of the two parts is the same ( All conditions are the same) 。 As two peas, but, in the actual color may not match the same kind of ink, so often appear this kind of phenomenon; Sometimes lighter version of the color is closer to ( To meet customer requirements) Plate, the color is, but if was worse, so it is very important to master plate. Viscosity of printing ink factory should be consistent with the ink printing viscosity. The greater the difference between the two, the greater the color difference. With 22 seconds to match the color ink factory, customers with 35 seconds to match the color, the color must be deeper, and vice versa. Some ink factory don't attach importance to this problem, also don't consider the viscosity of the printing plant. They always will be customer standard samples ( Including ink sample and printed sample) Compared with the same sample viscosity, resulting in a large color difference. Different material (ink factory for color matching Including other processes) Can cause bigger color difference. Some will with another layer of white ink color printing ink, this color is more close to the customer to print parts, while others are opposite. Some ink after customers make little change, but some of them changed a lot, such as some transparent color, so when the ink on the printing ink factory, to clear the process conditions of customers, the most basic include: whether to print white ink, composite materials, whether the glazing. In theory, the printing ink factory mixed color printing conditions the closer, printing ink factory mixed color printing conditions the closer, the higher the accuracy of ink transfer. But, because of the limitation of conditions both in environment, printing speed, color printing roller, differences still exist many, as long as the good control of this four parts, printing ink factory can greatly improve the precision of color matching.
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