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Packaging and printing prepress is to know what are the job?

by:Welm     2020-07-03
The reasonable application of color paper can cause a unexpected color deviation. Designers should know that the same white paper, white degree between them have a slant warm or cold, so will affect the printing color change, such as yellow printed on slant cold will make the slant yellow, green, white paper printed on warm slant red on white paper. Especially for the application of colored art paper, more careful, accomplish know fairly well. In addition, the soft paper will be more ink absorption, after printing will have color dim feeling. This means that different paper surface to absorb ink has much less, even with a piece of paper in different printing machine printed on the actual network is also different. Carton quality is very high. Even in the best case, the indentation folding will not reach the level of very precise. Due to a slight error, indentation when folded carton, there will be a surface patch is folded to another surface. Don't scream printing color the color is very different, as shown on a computer screen printing color based on the sampling in the chromatographic focus is made by printing, input the correct data to the computer shall prevail. Try not to take off more puzzle printing. Each ink fountain is control and work independently, the increase of the network is inevitable, especially for a large area of color packaging gift box, more difficult to control the folio edition of the left and the right carton color uniformity. The paper to the reasonable application of the most commonly used paper ( The open size) There are two specifications: the area of the standard paper length is 787 mm, 1092 mm wide; The area of special paper length is 880 mm, 1230 mm wide; Imported paper and length is 889 mm, a variety of specifications for the 94 mm wide, etc. When printed according to the size of the machine, generally have a car, full of drive and four drive. Small 16 drive offset printing, etc. In order to avoid waste, the designer must be taken into account in design of paper box the size of the finished product as far as possible meet or close to what you're going to use on the paper machine drive number. Skillfully use cartons of the top and bottom cover insert, and borrow the insert ( The tongue) Parts for sets of load and make full use of paper. Printed work and other aspects of attention is often determined by the print, generally in a 5000 paper in the machine turn a work for a printing ( Less than 5000 is 5000) The principle of four color work turn four for four. The size of the paper is subject to a number of open computer is not on the size of the carton, four open computer with split computer printing work is basically the same. Thus can choose reasonably according to the number of printing four or split open computer more economical.
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