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The upscale gift box to change how to order?

by:Welm     2020-03-02

Production of high-end gift box is an art, from design, materials, printing, details, etc to achieve perfection, high-end gift box packaging are high-end products, in the face of consumer also is different, make each link to make, in order to ensure that lure high-end consumers. Hong Kong star told everyone live below, high-end gift box to change how to order.

1, gift box, color collocation of attractive gift packaging design begins with the right color choices, the human eye is sensitive to the subtle influence of specific. We good medicine to fully understand the characteristics of the product, to root. 

2 four-color printing, gift box production process is one of the types of printing, it is the use of yellow, magenta, blue and black color printing. Through the four color printing can customize the popular color, gradient color. Color printing with four color is yellow, magenta, blue and black color other than the original color ink to copy the printing process, color printing than four color printers, bright color color many, generally refer to pantone. In addition to printing, gift packaging Logo, design elements, and so on will also commonly use UV, hot stamping, plastic, hit convex, screen printing, electroplating, etc; As a custom package, we need to know how to use these sensible process.

3, gift box, gift boxes of select material packaging is direct access to the consumer, can correct selection the icing on the cake, increase product packaging performance. On the other hand, the material errors will bring products is low. 

4, gift box material touch consumers in the purchase decision, one way to make you stand out from the luxury is to give a person the sense of high-grade packaging. Touch is one of the secrets to attract customers, these can take advantage of material and some of the gift box packaging process can be reflected. 

5, gift box structure and quality there's nothing like a sturdy box, more can reflect the quality. This is related to the weight and thickness of the paper, also related to its construction quality. A good gift box can make the customer the product can remain after using it. Do a high-end gift box every detail we need to take into account that just be familiar with the characteristics of the product thoroughly, to do well in the gift box design design before fully market research, analyze your potential crowd, enemy and know yourself, to fight. 


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