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our challenge; dawn collinson discovers if you can get a christmas gift for under a tenner . . . with a little help from the experts.

by:Welm     2020-03-10
Christmas and superbranches are like Santa Claus and Rudolf.
But is it possible, dear, to continue strict control?
We set up 1 pounds challenges for four shopping experts, ignoring their usual luxury instincts and buying on a budget.
With credit cards and bank balances groaning under seasonal pressure, can they fill the inventory for less than £ 10?
James and Eleanor Doyle, 10 and 7 Challenge: £ 10 toy shopping basket: two WCW wrestling action figures (pounds 6. 99)
A magical animal. pounds 2. 49)
And a Christmas chocolate. 35p)
Toy experts are not more qualified than kids, but, like moms and dads, it\'s hard for them to limit their spending on enthusiasm.
James and Eleanor\'s brother and sister like to buy toys, preferably in the mother\'s cash, but usually with their own hard --
Save pocket money.
£ 10 (
A fortune owed11s)
They headed for voworth and-
Recently converted to Harry\'s magic.
At first, he was tempted by a series of goods by Harry Potter.
However, after careful consideration, James thought they were a little too expensive and would spend all their budget.
He turned to the WCW action number, which was 2-for-
And, he said, that means you will have more money.
He was excited about his double good buy, and he gave the change to Eleanor, who had already searched the shelves, and put her heart on the greedy wizard Teddy.
When she saw a bargain, she knew it was a half price, so 52 pence was left.
After a heated debate, the two decided to get off at Thorntons.
\"We will buy chocolate for mom because she works so hard that we can get pocket money,\" they agreed . \".
Richard Carp challenge for Expresso Exchange cafe in Liverpool city center: £ 10 on food/beverage basket: Gift-
Italian liqueur (boxed)pounds 3. 95)
A box of Belgian truffles (pounds 5. 95)
Food is not just Richard\'s day-to-
It\'s his absolute passion to work during the day.
In fact, it was his love of all the delicious things that prompted him to open Expresso Exchange on Victoria Street, expanding the gourmet shopping hishobby in Europe\'s best cities into a business.
Finding something tempting is no problem for Richard, but if there is no budget to fly to the Tuscan deli, can he find something he really likes?
The supermarket offered a cheap option, but he felt that they were not special for gifts, but came to the gift area of George Henry Lee.
There he was lucky enough to snap up two gifts within his cash limit.
\"These are all great and ideal for two people in my mind,\" he said excitedly . \".
\"This wine is for Maria, who is engaged in our graphic design.
I think it is very fashionable and has a sense of design. ish.
Truffles were given to one of my staff, Pamela, who was in poor health earlier this year and had to eat strictly.
She is much better now and can eat what she likes, so it will be the perfect way for her to celebrate.
Simon Williams of creative space Interior Design Challenge: pounds10 on the shopping basket of household goods: glass vase (pounds 1)
Floating candles (pounds 1)
Two bowls (pounds 4. 50)
Mini Christmas wreath (pounds 1. 88), flower spray(pounds 1. 50)
Simon and his creative space partner Sharon had trouble with some of Liverpool\'s most fashionable buildings. and expensive)apartments. Their Melling-
London-based commercial companies have designed stylish houses specifically for the show, but Simon is concerned about his cash restrictions.
It was not until he bought 2 pounds twice that he was confident of meeting the challenge.
In Quiggins\'s smile, he found a glass vase reduced from 5 to 1 pound, and a box of floating candles, which was also 1 pound.
The Wade Smith apartment store in the cave area is the next stop, and on Christmas Eve, everything is down 25%, which helps to expand the budget and imagination.
The two rice bowls are considered ideal for floating candles, and amini berry wreath adds to the festive atmosphere.
And, just over 1 pound.
On the left, Simon went to the Earth flower designer on Cook Street, where they created an exotic spray of Chinese lychee, eucalyptus and purple to decorate the vase.
\"I\'m not quite sure about Berry decoration, but I like the simplicity of vases and flowers,\" Simon said . \".
Fashion expert and celebrity stylist Lorraine McCulloch challenge: £ 10 on the shopping basket for fashion/accessories: Jet pearl bracelet (pounds 2. 99), dress ring (pounds 3. 99), corsage (pounds 2. 99)
Dressed up as A star, Lorraine is more used to luxury-
In addition to her modest budget, she also knows the best place to buy cheap fashion.
She grabbed her Turner and headed straight to H & M on Church Street.
\"H & M is perfect for bargains and top stores,\" she explains . \".
\"So, if you spend a lot of money on a costume, or if you have something in your wardrobe that you \'ve had for years, it\'s a way to dress up or update it.
Select a co-
Looking coordinated, Lolin chose 10 jet beadedbracelets, a short fat dress ring with double-row diamonds and black-gauze breasts.
\"The chest flower is actually a hairpin, but I won\'t use it.
\"It\'s better to be on the belt or dress up t-shirt.
It is not worth spending a lot of money on accessories because they are soon out of date.
\"Organza is spent on all fashion magazines and they can cost up to £ 100 for whatever, in fact, I \'ve seen one at Harvey Nichols for £ 96
\"What you can buy for £ 10 is a surprise to myself, and if I want clothes I can easily be within Dodo\'s budget.
\"In the end, I didn\'t buy a lot of things, but I think I did a good job and everything went well. \" CAPTION(S)
: Rwal bargain: Lorin mcalock and her fashion shopping (mainpicture)and (Insert from left)
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