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Order moon cake box need to question what?

by:Welm     2020-03-23
The Mid-Autumn festival is our traditional festival, has a long history, we will eat mooncakes on Mid-Autumn festival, people thought the moon cake is the Mid-Autumn festival also buy more talent, just once a year, why rob this do, is actually an annual sales reached more than 15 billion, is not surprised by our domestic consumption level. Now a lot of moon cakes are all take a gift when visiting relatives and friends, so under the want on the packaging of moon cakes, mooncakes have a fit of the box is really very important, because it is on behalf of the oneself of face, we Chinese people can be said to be the most saving face, is no exception. Many bosses think choose general moon cake box, there is no class order moon cake box and don't know what problem need to pay attention to, in a dilemma in the end, Hong Kong star will talk to you today, customized gift boxes need to be aware of what problem? A moon cake box, moon cake box design design is also a beginning, design design, you can find someone else to get the source file, and then is looking for a manufacturer to produce box, or directly make packaging manufacturers to design, some manufacturers are need to charge, of course, that you have to ask. Are you give them the products delivery, they according to your product, and your requirements in terms of design. 2, moon cake box, the collocation of color design of the box of moon cake box design, unlike other is more exquisite. We all know that the Mid-Autumn festival is a Chinese festival, if you put a foreigner when you design picture, or doing a English, then your packing is not neither fish nor fowl, our subject is given priority to with Chinese wind, coupled with the moon, or fairy tales can be, in their products, so as to make the moon cake box is so natural. 3, completed the design, manufacturing production and design will find packing packaging gift box manufacturers to produce, but each manufacturer to offer a bit of a gap, but if the difference is too big you will be aware of it, I'm in customized packaging what are the cause of the price difference? This article is clear, and the printing process of choice is also very important, this is combined with the characteristics of your product to choose. If you don't know it is good to ask your packaging manufacturer directly, after all do packaging experts and others are more ask their opinions.
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