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now, killers come with gift boxes | india news - times of india

by:Welm     2020-03-06
Mumbai: Beware of strangers who come to your house with Diwali gifts.
On Wednesday night, a woman in Mumbai who opened the door to unidentified people with a gift packaging gift box was murdered and robbed of cash and valuables worth Rs 4.
The incident occurred at the Vasai residence of Maniben Bhanushali (50).
The attacker has not yet identified himself.
According to police, Maniben runs a grocery store on the first floor of the gurmohar social apartment, which is located in the upscale market of anbadi Road, where she lives with her family.
On Wednesday, she left the store around eight o\'clock P. M. and went home to light up for the lights.
That\'s when the robbers attacked.
\"Umesh, the son of Manny Ben (19)
While her husband Khairaj is out visiting relatives, she is taking care of customers in the store.
Her daughter, Mehta. 17)
\"The same night, she was on her way back from olangabad,\" said a police officer . \".
When Mehta got home around 8
The front door is open at 30.
She went in and found her mother lying on the floor and strangled her own sari.
The cabinets were opened and the house was looted.
Mehta informed her brother, who called the local police.
The senior police officer said an empty gift packaging gift box was found in the house.
\"The attacker must have entered the house under the pretext of giving his family a Diwali gift.
\"They could have pretended to be friends of her children,\" an official said . \".
Two glasses of water were found on the table.
Officials say there is more cash in the House and the attackers may not have found it, so they have not moved.
Police suspect that the accused may have been monitoring Maniben\'s house and her actions for the past few days.
Manickpur police have registered a murder and robbery case under investigation.
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