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Notebook printing puzzle what method is there?

by:Welm     2020-07-17
Printing is by printing machinery and special ink transfer the approved plate to process on the substrates. Today, we are here to discuss the composition of the notebook printing method? Notebook inside pages are basically made of double offset paper, cover is made of special leather or special paper. The inside pages of double offset paper is also made of special paper. Next, dongguan city, Hong Kong star printing co. , LTD. Will introduce you to a notepad printing typesetting method of going to print the page according to the page order in folding way, the size is decided by the size of the printed page and print the paper. This is called jigsaw puzzle game, can be roughly divided into two categories: parts and notebook. So what's the use of notebook composition? We these methods can be divided into the following three types: a, parts occupies the heavier weight in print. Need 16 k, for example, positive and negative print format of the printed matter can be assembled into positive and negative double-sided version. If you want to save the cost, also can assemble the bottom and lid, you don't need to change the single rotation edge printing version with its mouth. Second, when the notepad in the process of preprint, must first understand the format, page number, binding method ( Riding binding, thread binding, sewing or binding) , the printing color scale ( Monochrome, double color or four color) , the thickness of the paper and folded form used ( Folding by hand or machine fold) In order to determine stitching method. Third, the correct selection of combinations, not only can make the combination of binding is fluent, and can save cost, improve the quality of notepad. In the process of printing, the arrangement of the page have specific rules to follow. No matter how many pages, all need according to certain layout in accordance with the layout to print out a notepad. That is to say, the folding pages ( f) , the number of pages ( L) , the number of pages ( 一) And print pages ( I) Between a certain rule. That is, ten percent is the two page four eight pages. Puzzle is an important link in notebook printing, it also has many advantages. Design expression: business owners need to communicate fully convey the information to the designer, designer of the printing company through its own professional skills, clearly and accurately convey the design content and the image characteristics of the notebook. There are many kinds of notebooks printing ink. According to the different method of printing, the commonly used printing ink can be divided into four categories: offset printing ink, letterpress printing ink screen printing, intaglio printing ink and ink. Good ink has high purity, high saturation, strong light fastness, high transparency, good resistance to water, etc. ( Notepad)
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