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Manual printing paper material and how to distinguish the grams is?

by:Welm     2020-07-16
How to correctly distinguish between cover and inside pages of the raw material specification, and this is really want to rely on the usual experience piled up. First you have to know what are the paper printing product manuals are commonly used, always use the most is the offset paper, double copper paper, paper dumb powder. You can at least to the naked eye can tell what kind of raw material. Offset paper, also called writing paper, similar to the printer with the kind of paper, looks more white, feels more lubrication, but dumb appearance than double copper paper and paper powder, paper, or slightly rough, look closely, to the naked eye can see the paper pattern. Double copper paper looks to compare light, appearance with a layer of white coating, feels very lubrication, in the sunlight may be reflective light. Let's always meet company propaganda album, supermarket flyers these are generally double copper paper to print. Dumb powder paper, double copper paper the composition of the principle is the same, the appearance of coating not only to have distinction, mute powdered paper looks not reflective, hand feels like double copper paper, more exquisite, smooth. Often used for some artistic stronger pictorial printing. When you can easily distinguish the description of the raw material with the naked eye, then you just need to measure the thickness of the paper. Measuring the thickness of the paper need to use vernier caliper maybe digital caliper ( Premise condition is corrected through professional institutions) 。 As for how to use the caliper, please refer to baidu encyclopedia caliper entry, perhaps for the professionals of the company. By measuring caliper, you will be able to know the thickness of the different grams of paper. The paper thickness of different brand, of course, there are still some minor differences, the printing shop to provide samples, you'd better ask what kind of brand of paper. When your instructions to purchase raw materials accomplish know fairly well, the talents correctly judge whether the samples of the printing of instruction as is common with their hands. If you have a manual printing requirements in this respect, we usually send personnel to send a copy of the printed pattern ', which almost covers all the instructions printed paper raw material, and has marked the name of the paper and grams, an order to let you know.
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