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Make bag how to select material?

by:Welm     2020-07-23
In the modern commodity sales and all kinds of promotion activities, the shopping bag is a must-have in good, inside the bag printing production to a certain extent, the more delicate, the packaging is also increasingly appears high-grade, cost also is higher, so shopping bag custom is also one of the major business focus on daily business needs, so how to select material in bag order to on the lowest cost to produce a more upscale fashionable shopping bag? A paper in the bag, bag paper choice, generally suggested that chooses 157 g, 200 g coated paper. This kind of paper toughness level off, the look and feel better, the price also is medium, bearing capacity varies according to the machining process and the thickness, if it is need with the heavier packaging, can be used more than 250 g, 250 g coated paper or paperboard printing. In addition, when choose coated paper or paperboard printing bag, in order to improve the bearing capacity and gloss, also can be coated or the membrane to increase its strength. In addition, white kraft paper, because of its strong toughness, use environmental protection, are increasingly applied in recent years on the bag printing production, often can choose 120 g or 140 g of white or yellow kraft paper, this kind of paper a slightly higher price, and after bag printing for oil in order to protect the ink is not do wipe dirty bags. 2, handbags carrying rope bag carrying rope is a key factor determine bag durability, choice scope is focused on the nylon rope, cotton rope or twine several categories, among them, the toughness of the nylon rope, strongest cotton rope of grip is best, twisting the design of the best feeling, from low to high in price can be roughly classified as nylon rope, twine, cotton rope, etc. , of course this is not the absolute price, according to the craft that make different prices also have change, but in terms of use, if the proposal chooses the items weight bearing higher nylon rope, if the lighter, in pursuit of perception can consider to twine, comprehensive comparison if comparison on grip attaches great importance to the cotton rope is undoubtedly the best choice. And bag carrying rope made choice of handbag process requirement is different, like handbag printing size is large, need to strengthen the rivet to pushing on the rope hole.
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