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Magazines books product classification have?

by:Welm     2020-07-18
Printing is an ancient technology, but its new applications are endless. At present, books printed matter has become one of the main kinds of printed matter, in the printing market proportion is very big also. This is because whether kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, high school or college, the demand for book printing products will be very large. In recent years, the domestic printing industry demand for all kinds of magazines, books and periodicals printing product continues to grow, books and periodicals printing products as print products essential to many students, takes up a large share of domestic printing industry. As a result, many enterprises will also attaches great importance to the varieties of printing production, the hope in printing products to get a more significant economic benefits. So, magazines, books and periodicals are the main categories of products? Next, let's look at them. A, textbooks printed matter. This book printing product holds a large proportion in a lot of books and periodicals, so to speak. It is also a print for the use of different types of students. This kind of book printing product versatility, is common. Second, the extracurricular counselling book printing products. Relatively, as a result of these prints are mostly students selectively use, therefore the demand for such books printed matter will be slightly lower. Third, other book printing products. In addition to textbooks print and extracurricular counseling books printed, there are some other prints for students to learn different kinds of books, such as students' books, magazines, and so on, this kind of book printing is often not the students use the mainstream of the books and periodicals, so printing is a small amount of books in print. Hong Kong star packing co. , LTD is one specialized is engaged in the album printing, notebook printing, magazine printing, hardcover books, printing company.
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