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Let the green environmental protection bag, 'bag' move our green life

by:Welm     2020-05-22
On this topic has been the subject of much attention environmental protection, the word 'green' has for many years, but the implementation of environmental protection exactly how to do? Estimates from the perspective of national, ethnic everyone can say but temperament to, but in the end, the environment around us, with one less plastic bags, less smoke a cigarette, once electricity saving, water saving, etc. Environmental protection is to continue, but also want to continue my life, with a less plastic bags or don't use plastic bags? Should we use environmental protection bag to replace, it compared with plastic bags, not easy to cause environmental pollution, it in the natural environment, 90 days can be broken down; At the same time, the bag also has the very good advertising effect, a green paper bags with advertising information flow in with the crowd in the street maybe you also won't feel, if it is hundreds of thousands of green paper bag with the same advertising message in the movement, I think the advertising effect is self-evident.
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