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Laptop bag is the first selection of shopping bags

by:Welm     2020-06-23
Laptop bag is the first selection of shopping bags. Hong Kong star paper bag when making bag, besides exquisite structure tightly, not to take off the bottom, and the pursuit of environmental protection and beautiful, delicate and durable, it is an extension of the brand image and product advertising, is the enterprise external publicity in a new window. The emergence of handbag makes life more convenient and quick, shopping more convenient supermarket. Generally can use a portable way to carry, production materials such as paper, plastic and non-woven fabrics. Production operations. Exquisite shopping bag is using sheet-fed more, and then make the color of handbag, decorating after PP light or hot stamping. Using artificial lacing, knot as carry, and then complete the handbag. This type of bag, used to more noble commodity packaging, gift bags, etc. Select coated paper production handbag, because coated paper is one of the most popular handbag material. Paper is very bright and clean level off, smooth degree is high, good gloss. Because the paint white degree above 90%, and very fine particles, and after super calender calender, so glossy paper smoothness is generally 600 ~ 1000 s. At the same time, the coating is evenly distributed on paper and show white and pleasing to the eye. Makes handbags requires high coating strength of coated paper, coating thin and uniform coating adhesive dose of appropriate, in case of printing paper in the process of powder dropping off, in addition, the absorbency of p-xylene copper plate to be appropriate, can be suitable for more than 60 line/cm fine mesh printing. Because of coated paper with high whiteness and luster, good printing eligibility, the designer can bold use all kinds of picture and color piece, advertising effect is good. After double glazing coating or inferior smooth film coated surface, not only has the function of moisture, durable, and appear more delicate. Advertising picture effect is distinct, have characteristics.
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