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Kraft paper is widely used

by:Welm     2020-06-18
Many companies now use custom a brown paper bag bag, after determining the paper, however, can be printing or hot stamping, but many enterprises for laminating process is silly points not clear. Coated is divided into two light membrane and dumb membrane, the effect of two kinds of different craft present, companies can only show it to two different laminating paper bags let merchants themselves feel the difference. Bright film with dumb film is a brown paper bag in the brown paper bag production in the paper surface with a layer of membrane, can be bright, also can be frosted, coated paper bag can waterproof, moistureproof, better after more than just a process cost is higher also. Dumb film and from the paper distinguishes between light membrane surface, light film is reflective, dumb film does not, in a brown paper bag factory merchant option to not coated with film coating, choose dumb film or light film, its price is no difference, are mainly presented in a paper bag effect is different.
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