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Jewelry gift box, let the high-end products have worthy of box

by:Welm     2020-06-16
Jewelry is the expensive product, it is difficult to make a worthy of jewelry packaging. Whether design concept comprehension material, process and quality control, need to have a profound attainments to make high quality jewelry gift box. Hong Kong star, in-depth market research. Will market consumer psychology firmly grasp, before making delivery can according to the recommendation of product positioning and consumer groups to carry on the design style, and has a large number of physical prototype can let the customer for reference. And have special process guidance department, can you help customers improve the level of packaging. Hong Kong star, let jewelry gift box can be worthy product. A client from cosmetics to jewelry industry, is beginning to buy spot to install the product on the Internet. Do a few batch later found that sales is not ideal. Because before do cosmetics is in Hong Kong star packing packaging gift box, to come to discuss, until you see on the Internet to buy the spot after found the problem is out on the packaging. Although looks very rich, but the lack of coordination between the products. So in Hong Kong star's suggestion for the designer to design, then Hong Kong star at the time of production for technology department will be the grade of the overall improve jewelry gift packaging gift box. Hong Kong star started doing that a number of sales in fifty thousand, behind is about hundreds of sales. Hong Kong star, let the high-end products have worthy of box.
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