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In the process of kraft paper bags customized need what to problem note?

by:Welm     2020-06-28
In the process of kraft paper bags customized need to pay attention to what? Many businesses are now using kraft paper bags made paper bag, is to own brand height, do an environmental conscience enterprise, since the childhood to arm in arm bag, to big to corporate social responsibility are adhering to the principle of protecting everyone better homes, but if this bag in the process of the order of kraft paper material to do so, may be the opposite, but a handbag becomes a recruit black stain. 1. Coated, the first is technical problems, cause the effect of res on kraft paper material, because can make originally uneven surface of the kraft paper laminating, can't completely emptying air, cause a lot of air inside, after completion of the effect of bubble, it would be affect beautiful, also is the problem of recycling, this layer is coated plastic products is not so easily can degrade recycling. 2. Printing, printing is not environmental protection does not depend on his recovery and degradation, but rather in the kraft paper bags made in the process of production, will produce more waste, pollution and paint, so the printing is in the beginning of the production, is a run against HuanBaoSuo technology, and has nothing to do with brown paper bag, hot especially cattle paper, it is very difficult to have color collocation, itself is not very suitable for printing, so as to reduce in the process of kraft paper bags made use of printing technology, is also an important information. So how to make kraft paper bags made to express and protect their own brand products, can use hot stamping technology, common sense whether hot black or red gold, with cow leather is also very fashionable and accord with environmental protection concept, establish brand image also. Hong Kong star paper bag
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