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In the drawer box box benefits have?

by:Welm     2020-03-26
We all know that the structure of packing box has a lot of, we now see the most commonly is heaven and earth and flip cover box, besides the two is a drawer box. Open the way to drawer box is out slowly, more mysterious. Characteristics of this structure is also more, gift box and jewelry box is more generally used. 1, drawer box is widely used in our daily life common drawer to get inspiration, lifted the lid and the box body into two independent structure, lifted the lid of pipe forming, and the box body for disc molding. The structure of packing box is suitable for gift packing, clothing, jewelry packaging, cosmetics packaging, etc. 2, drawer box structure diversification has a benefit, is the ability to classify. Drawer type is different from other kinds of packaging box, box has a single, double, even layers. Such as the moon cake packaging is the double drawer packaging gift box, upper and lower layer can be placed different tastes, satisfy the customer appetite, and can make the product more orderly and beautiful. 3, increase additional value to use paper material drawer box is not only practical, also can be decorated by improve product added value. By hot stamping, UV, embossing, printing process, can not only beautify the packaging gift box, can highlight product brand, also have the effect of advertising. See if the benefits of the top drawer box so many also want to try this box, can be in conditions allow, try to do some innovation and try, often can have unexpected effect.
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