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How to Survey a Job Site for Electric Locking

by:Welm     2020-02-29
The hard-wired and/or centrally controlled access control system is nothing more than a fancy electrical switch used to turn on and off some kind of electric locking device.When you present your credentials (prox card or fob, mag stripe card, pin code on the digital keyboard, etc ).), The access control system changes the state of the electrical relay and then supplies or stops the power to the locked device.
This paper discusses how to choose the electric lock for different situations.Note: To use an electric shock on a cylindrical lock, the cylindrical lock must have a blank handle that is always locked from the inlet side, or a key function, preferably a storage room function.Non-Fire doors.Fire grade doors that can be kept locked during fire (fault protection):> adams Rite 7240> HES 7501> Von Duprin 6211 any of the above three can also be used for non-Fire grade opening.
Fire rating door that must be unlocked in the event of a fire (safety failure): This door cannot use electric shock.Instead, live cylindrical locks are used, such as:> Corbin CL33903> Schlage ND80PDEL. Your charged cylindrical lock needs a way to pass the power supply from the door frameI recommend the use of electric hinges such as:> Stanley CEFBB179-54 4-1/2 X 4-When your door frame is filled with concrete, the charged cylindrical lock is also a great choice.
Any door that can be powered by a wire can use a live cylindrical lock.Safety door controls and other manufacturers provide door-core tools to help drill holes through wiresThe wire hinge of the electric lock.If the local authority (AHJ) where you have jurisdiction, that is, the fire chief or the building inspector approves, you can also use an induction lock on the failure safety fire class opening.
For example, if the frame does not support a strike, if there is a hard side lite on the frame, use the charged cylindrical lock and the charged hinge as described above.This door could be a challenge.If the frame will support electric shock, please use the frame listed above.If not, you can use the wire to prepare the door from the top hinge core to the lock, then go down through the lock to the lock, and use a live cylindrical lock.
If your AHJ is approved, the easiest way is to use the induction lock again.In the case of the latch, the hardware is different, but the principle is basically the same.Like a cylindrical lock, the simplest electric shock installation is a plug-in lock with a storage room function.
Unlike cylindrical locks, some latch locks (as shown on the right side) have an overall Bolt.Using an electric shock can release the latch with the latch, but this is more complicated.The simplest latch to use with electric shock is a latch that always locks outside, always unlocks inside, and has no latch.
By replacing the lock body with one of the correct features, the plug-in lock function can be easily changed.Cylinders and levers can be reinstalledused.Pin locks are also different from cylindrical locks because the holes or doors in their impact plates are offset to the bottom.
This means that unless the door and frame are new, the custodian of the shock compatible with the latch should also be offset to the bottom.In the case of a brand new door, simply give the door manufacturer a plug-in lock with the correct function, as well as any electric shock from a 3/4-deep goalkeeper.They will prepare the frame so that the shock wire is aligned with the latch, whether the goalkeeper is centered or offset.
In the following case, we assume that these are the existing doors that we want to transform the electric strike.Non-> HES 1006 (select the panel option to use with your locked brand.Fire level app (fault safety) that must be kept unlocked in case of fire: This app cannot use electric shock.
Instead, electric locks and electric hinges are used.The live Jack lock can also be a good choice to open with a grouting door frame (a door frame filled with concrete.With the approval of AHJ, the induction lock can also be used.
If a non-rated fire or a rated fire can remain locked in the event of a fire, use one of the following electric shocks:> Folger Adam 310-2-> Folger Adam 732-If the rated fire must be fail safe, please use the live plug lock and e-passWire hinges or induction locks.Your electric lock options change depending on the type of outlet device you have, whether your opening is fire-proof, and whether your app is safe or unsafe.Non-Fire safety, nonFire rated fault safety or fault safety application:> See the PIN lock section above for electric shock selection.
The choice of strike will depend on the strike offset.The electric lock is also an option.Fire rating or non-fire ratingFire rating, nonFire rating, nonElectric shock can be used for vertical rod outlet equipment, but I do not recommend this if there is any way to avoid it.Because, to use an electric shock, you have to lose the bottom bar and the bottom of the door is not fixed.
Depending on the flexibility of the door, you can open the bottom by six or 8 inch.On top of that, you have a very sloppy door in the electric shock play
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