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How to solve the field of printing ink unevenness in a box factory?

by:Welm     2020-07-01
The problems encountered in the process of printing, the printing ink field is uneven, it is a common problem, how to avoid and solve? Today, the packing packaging gift box factory we give you explain in more detail below. Ink printing materials in the first place, we need to know the general inequality as watermark show uneven, two kinds of orange peel inequality. This leads to two phenomena: one watermark sample color is the main reason for the uneven intaglio engraving too deep, low viscosity of ink. 2. Ink mainly orange peel shape irregularity of an ink to join the polar solvent, such as methyl ethyl ketone excess and analogue; Two high poor flowing property caused by ink viscosity; The quality of the third paper roller, in the uneven printing plate cylinder pressure roller pressure in different parts of the paper. The reason is found, then what are the solution? 1. Contact plate business find the plate cylinder, matching result of ink, print test conditions. Plate engraving business to determine based on suitable process parameters. The intaglio printing process, in the process of adaptability in solving the ground uneven color printing. 2. After receiving the new work, timely and customer communication, too deep to avoid color edition as far as possible. If further divides in gravure printing, printing ink viscosity, can increase appropriately to ensure the ink flow on the basis of the flow property. 3. For the color of the uneven phenomenon of orange peel, appropriate reduction of ink viscosity, pressure appropriately reduce the second category of pressure roller, maximize the third printing speed. 4. Work distribution proportion and the viscosity of the ink solvents. In the printing speed of more than 100 m/min, the viscosity of the ink in about 20? 26 seconds is often control, can increase the proportion of the solvents in dry.
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