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How to reasonable collocation color packaging design?

by:Welm     2020-07-01
Because now everybody is different, the Angle of aesthetic has higher requirement for the color of the packaging gift box? Why some design lets a person feel comfortable, some design and let a person feel uncomfortable, maybe it's color is not good. From a professional point of view, three of the three red, green, blue, and then to four complex color purple, olive green, black, bronze, which can be combined into a new form of expression, also can give a person a kind of soft and harmonious feeling of beauty. Throughout the color of the packaging and printing ink color chooses both at home and abroad, in addition to the three primary colors, great majority is composite color, complex ( Us) Color mixing is in itself a color science, the configuration of the packaging and printing color finally with our visual examination and its effect, good, the bad and the advantages and disadvantages. The use of packaging printing decoration color to the goods, we need to decorate a variety colors, constantly adjust working and living environment, can give a person a benign stimulation, is helpful to improve the quality of our work and life. Color collocation not only can interpret product packaging design idea, and you can also set up the good enterprise brand image!
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