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How to manually paste system portable paper bag

by:Welm     2020-07-08
Hand paste paper bag is an important part of bag making. In addition to the indentation printing paper bag production steps and some other semi-automatic auxiliary equipment, mainly depends on manual. Some people would say how a large paper bag factory factory machinery and equipment advanced, how high efficiency, we must tell you some facts here. Such as some demand is bigger fine processing of paper bag, even they also to this kind of product in the developed countries will not be finished through automation. It's handmade paper bag for us by a new business opportunities. Manual paste paper bag critical is time can't glue paste, come unglued. How to paste the paper bag is to reach the requirement of high-grade paper bag? : 1. According to the paper does appropriate adhesive to avoid glue material selection. High-grade paper container may need to adapt to 50 ~ 60 ℃ high temperature and use to minus 20 ~ 30 ℃ low temperature test, as well as adhesive aging factors must be considered. 2. Form the structure of the paper bag and handle material and connection for paper products such as varied, we should according to the specific situation to discuss with the appropriate manual craft method. Some need to paste before the system will handle mounting holes and some to use hot melt adhesive in the process of paste system fixed mobile and so on. These hand paste process planning needs to be done before mass production, and process once confirmed, we should also strengthen the details in the process of manual paste system controls, prevent glue pollution and avoid in the production of paper bag surface scratch etc. Paper bag paste system, of course, the first production batch prenatal proofing can refer to the re-evaluation process planning process. 3. After manual paste system complete carrier bags have basic forming, some laptop bag and a final process & ndash; — The work, such as punching and lacing to complete the final molding packaging of carrier bags. Through the above points for laptop bag paste system process, a fine carrier bags are completed by a series of complex process and the final. A process of negligence could lead to a production quality accidents. Process rigor is the necessary condition to ensure product quality. In the whole process, we should strengthen the assessment of process management and quantity in each process of prenatal first article confirmation process of enforcement, at the same time, strict production process of tracking control. Any perfect process must rely on strict working procedures to ensure that execution process, manual carrier bags is no exception.
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