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How to distinguish between a paper bag and gift box packaging?

by:Welm     2020-07-09
We share the difference between paper bags and gift box packaging, packaging era of full of beautiful things in eyes, in today's society how to make the goods reflects the level and quality? So everyone on the packaging but want to do everything you can to, actually there are paper bags and packing gift box packaging. Paper bags, refers to the bag or simple carrying bags to pack the product. Gift packaging gift box packaging, gift packaging gift box refers to the use for packing products, combined a handbag. In the case of a class gift packaging gift box packing grade. But the theory is practical, is packaged and practical. Specific use which kinds of packaging, depending on your product positioning and consumer customers. Hong Kong star is a professional production of high-end handbags, set design, production, distribution as one of the production of paper bag manufacturers!
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