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How to determine pictorial printing quality is good or bad

by:Welm     2020-07-14
Pictorial printing as a kind of dissemination of information media, are popular with many enterprises. In today's rapid development of science and technology, pictorial printing industry as a kind of electronic publications, printed publicity materials, or shopping center of many enterprises is inseparable from its propaganda. Therefore, we must know how to distinguish between pictorial printing quality. There is no effective way to distinguish between pictorial printing quality, then you know how to distinguish between the material of paper and importance, to know the printed manuals, brochures mainly use which kind of paper, and the ability to identify with the naked eye, in general, the main use of paper material is white powder paper, double copper paper, offset paper pictorial printing, etc. 1. Good paper give a person a kind of very comfortable feeling, the surface of the paper no grass, sand, the defects such as cracks, holes, good paper is not necessarily a special white, but the feel is very good, feel it, bao hou uniform smooth, not rough, with feel touch the glass surface, soft and rough. 2. Through the roll of paper and ink test to distinguish: a flick rolled paper is picked up the paper, if the jitter made a lot of noise, so this paper must be crisp and flexible, if used in painting and calligraphy printing books and periodicals, the effect is very poor. Dip in with the brush and ink paper, click on the paper gently, good paper reaction is fast absorption ink, uniform dispersion, ink edge serrated, quick drying and ink penetration paper fiber completely, then click on the second, ink drying effect is obvious, clear ink printing ink. 3. In printing, the machine is used in direct printing four-color machine, or use the color printing, if it is a color printing, more or less will have double shadow. Finally, the binding process, namely, whether binding or binding in place, cutting out evenly, and the number of pages of the inside pages, there are a few pages of the page up and down, and so on. 4. Grams of paper has a lot to do with the thickness of the paper. The paper is heavier, the thicker the paper. First of all, the quality of the picture album to ensure the quality of paper, understand the characteristics of the paper, make full use of the printed material, distinguish the appearance quality of paper in the picture album printing, in order to obtain the good printing quality, the appearance of the paper is a field of sheet-fed or paper, according to the quality of the people can feel the touch of pictorial printing. Generally speaking, the paper has great effect on printing quality of books, only good paper elaborate brochures, can bring a better propaganda effect.
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