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how to clean a clear plastic makeup bag

by:Welm     2020-03-14
Convenient transparent plastic cosmetic bag--
You can see everything at the same time and you don\'t have to look around for small things like hairpins.
But the makeup bag will get dirty.
With mint sugar, hand sanitizer, a brush, and sometimes even food that is loose in the bag, it doesn\'t take long for the bag to be scrubbed in full.
Completely empty the transparent plastic bag and turn it over if possible.
This will give you access to all the corners and corners that your fingers cannot reach.
Use a scrub with a rigid bristles to clean the hair, tissue pieces, eyeliner crumbs, and other debris that is stuck to the crack.
Wash the bag with soap.
You can throw it in the washing machine as long as it\'s not labeled and it says you shouldn\'t do that.
Or, put it under the tap and clean it with a sponge and inside and outside the plate --
The plastic cosmetic bag is very durable and can withstand liquids.
Dry the bag with a clean, easy-to-absorb rag.
Dry corners and gaps with paper towels.
Breathable bag-
Dry your item for two to three hours before putting it back in place.
You can also put the bag under a hairdryer or hairdryer for a few minutes to dry faster.
Spray bags with antibacterial spray.
Makeup is a magnet to attract bacteria.
There\'s a lot of bacteria in your makeup bag.
Throw away old makeup
Throw away old cosmetics and items you don\'t use and you will make your bag cleaner.
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