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How to calculate the pictorial printing quotation is accurate?

by:Welm     2020-07-14
Recently, an electronic products company would like to join a large digital products exhibition, but are confused management, they plan to the latest high-tech products for the company to make a booklet, browse for the exhibition guest, but they are ignorant of pictorial printing quality and quantity, so it's impossible to picture album printing quotation. In fact, there are three main factors determine pictorial printing price. First of all, the more the number of printing picture album, is transformed into the less the cost of each album. 2, brochures and other basic supplies at present is mainly used in the picture album printing paper. According to the grams of paper, paper of the brand and the price is different. At the same time, the cost of consumables such as ink is different. 3, design, and customer demand needs by the designer's inspiration. Different design contains different printing process, it will directly affect the pictorial printing price. After understanding above situation, based on customer can to pictorial printing quotation have a perceptual knowledge, preliminary budget in the communication with the printing company basically reached a consensus. Of course, the price of the picture album printing depends on the customer to choose printing company's reputation and size. In general, the minimum print runs of professional printing company is a 3000 copies. Prior instructions to the customer for the professional printing company can print the costs and expenses, then design, printing and deliver to the customer to check. Such a process conform to the requirement of industry. All in all, choosing a good reputation and high professional level, the team very skillful printing company to discuss the budget cost and various post scheme, the total is better than customer its own calculation of the pictorial printing prices.
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