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How to avoid the color difference in the printing process?

by:Welm     2020-06-29
We recently encountered a lot of customers in the printing process to avoid color as far as possible, now we need to pay attention to the following questions: 1, please use the professional graphics software production printing articles, be sure to set to CMYK color mode, CMYK four-color gross should not exceed 250%. 2, avoid using very easy to partial color color or template, such as purple, dark blue, orange, red, coffee, strong metal color and gradient. 3, if you have strict requirements on printing color, please attach a sample printing, or contact the customer service communication, high-end custom application. 4, use after school page printing machine and sample color print only a print, just finished product will be much higher prices also compete version, but this color will definitely guaranteed accuracy, partial color range error is minimal. Due to the limitation of actual production condition, it is impossible to completely eliminate the color error, only by strengthening quality control of each link, make the color of the product quality control within the prescribed standards for color difference. Hope these points in the process of bag printing to you help, Hong Kong star paper bag is an enterprise engaged in the handbag production for more than a decade, the company adhering to the quality of quality as a fundamental, to serve our customers as the main body, makes every effort to present the satisfaction for the customer the bag! 0
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