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How health care products packaging design?

by:Welm     2020-03-28
Health products this is a big market, all kinds of health products emerge in endlessly. The majority of consumers in the process of buying vision is about 3 - stay in goods 7 seconds, and then according to the information on the packaging, whether will definitely meet his shopping intention, thus further understanding on the purchase. So a good designer to understand the consumer psychology, only know these we designed the packing can more close to the people, more can help create an emotional connection between brands and consumers, to increase sales. Want to succeed in the packaging, each brand must have a unique point of view, and can be clearly reflected, good packaging can let the consumer to read faster. 1.Colour stand out like said before consumers eyes stay time is very short, good colour collocation can attract the attention of consumers, you need to make your brand as the symbol of the consumer, can put your logo in rendering the hot stamping process, make your own brand logo. The essence of the attract the attention of shoppers and communicate recommendations. 2.Contracted wind in a busy and anxiety of the market, we seldom experience the visual or auditory moment of calm, the design of the contracted wind may be more effective, simple health care products packaging design may be favored by more and more people. 3.Emotional express consumers in the brand to let them feel some kind of mood is to take action. When people look at you, you will automatically look back, to determine each other appeal to you, this is your instinct in life. Therefore, the packing there is no more eye contact is more powerful. 4.Feel the importance of good packaging design can create a series of visual elements, this element can be color, icon, the unique appearance design also can be the grain, which may be found in the whole plays an important role in packaging design, that is why when health care products packaging design to add some delicate color, texture, etc, but many people will ignore the packaging gift box tactility, tactility good packing packaging gift box is not only reflected the packaging gift box of high-grade feeling, more body contact with consumers directly when comfort. This is often very important, everyone to keep in mind.
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