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How do you determine the pictorial printing factory, ok?

by:Welm     2020-07-11
There are a lot of printing because of a large number of orders, customers often need to provide the print files. As a printer, you may also be told that you need to reserve 2 - 3 mm bleeding space, but how to maintain? Customer is not professional to this problem, printer didn't tell you often, which eventually lead to print the effect not beautiful. Some printers, such as fly paper printing, because the company is a designer as a salesman, handling of file seems to be very professional, also have a salesman's service standards. So each picture book are made of high quality print through their hands. We must consider the printing quality. In order to reduce costs, the small paper printing companies often use less than two kilograms. For example, we need to print 200 grams of double copper plate photo album. In fact, it may give you 180 grams left and right sides. The total cost will be greatly reduced. If you want to a lot of print photo albums, had better look for a large printing plant, because they use all printers are large importers. They are not only fast printing speed, and color difference is small, the printing quality. Which picture album printing company is better? First of all, when choosing books printing factory, must pay attention to these qualifications. In general, formal record printing production enterprises have printing license approved by the relevant state administrative organs. Only have the qualifications, legitimate production and sales all kinds of printed matter. Reassuringly, the legitimate printer can print production. Second, choose picture album printing factory, but also pay attention to the printing production scale and strength. The most powerful photo album printing factory will have relatively modern printing equipments and good printing process, can meet the needs of the various types of printing tasks and, to undertake various types of printing products, has a strong strength of printing. Finally, professional books printing factory should also have excellent design team. Because now a lot of customers for a variety of printed matter printing requirements is very high, a lot of album printing need to be better designed to meet the requirements of the customer, without a good design team is very difficult to retain customers, this will seriously affect the manufacturer's performance. Therefore, a good album printing must have their own professional design team. Hong Kong star paper printing is a old factory has 10 years of history, at the same time constant innovation and advanced equipment. The company also introduced more than 20 years, senior graphic designer as a line of customer service and sales personnel. Is your printing materials, brochures, stickers, business CARDS and other paper printing products the best choice.
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