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How do you determine the album which good printing quality,?

by:Welm     2020-07-11
Some companies are manual printing or brochures, worry about printing the sham as the genuine, shoddy, you identify the material of paper should be understood at this time and important. 1. You need to know what paper mainly used when printing specifications, brochures, and you can use to identify to the naked eye. Dumb particles are mainly used in paper, double copper paper, offset paper. Double copper paper surface with a layer of white coating, look very bright, feels very smooth, in the light reflection. Company's album album printing, supermarket album list is usually double copper paper printing. Dumb powder paper and double copper paper constitute principle, only on the surface of the coating is different, dumb not reflective powder paper surface, it feels more exquisite, smooth. For some more artistic stronger pictorial printing. Offset paper, writing paper, similar to the printer, with the kind of paper is white, also relatively smooth. See with the naked eye, can clearly see the grain, the paper than double copper paper, mute powdered paper slightly rough. 2. Grams of paper has a lot to do with thickness, generally the heavier the more thick paper. We can use vernier caliper or digital caliper ( Premise condition is corrected by professional agencies) Measuring the thickness of the paper. By measuring caliper, you can know the thickness of the different grams of paper. We know that. Different brands of paper thickness is the existence of some nuances, printing plant to provide samples, you'd better ask what kind of brand of paper. When you purchase the manual printing, catalog printing materials have a certain understanding, to correctly judge whether the samples of the printing specifications consistent with their hands.
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