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How accounting carrier bags price

by:Welm     2020-06-24
How accounting when carrier bags price customers customized carrier bags, in addition to design the paper bag and paper note on select material achieve the result that you want to, portable bag price is also very important. What can control the carrier bags price? Under the Hong Kong star together with you to get to know what are the price of the laptop bag. Carrier bags design 1 first: paper bag paper material selection, material is an important part of the price. The main carrier bags made of white cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper, the three. The average $4800 a tonne, white cardboard coated on average $5400 a tonne, kraft paper, thin the unit price is relatively higher average $9000 tons. In addition to the commonly used paper, and some special paper, specialty paper prices are generally higher than the price of white cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper. The second: paper bag printing process, paper bags printing contains the color printing, four-color printing and monochrome printing is different. There are some special process: bronzing, hot silver, uv, embossing and so on. Each process will generate a fee, portable bag price is determined according to the process. Different paper craft carrier bags can bring different display effect, commonly used for making paper bag brand Logo. Third: the number is, the more the price is more affordable, this is because a portable paper bag need to make the template specificity, there are other preparation cost. Split to each carrier bags, so the quantity unit price will be lower.
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